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X Launcher Pro Mod APK v3.4.2 (Pro Unlocked)

Launcher Developer
Name X Launcher Pro
Offered By Launcher Developer
Size 3MB
Latest Version 3.4.2
MOD Info Premium unlocked
Update December 10, 2022 (2 months ago)
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Price FREE
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X Launcher Pro Mod APK is a popular paid Xposed appa skinned application designed by a Google engineer, Kevin Clancy. The reason this App is so popular among Android enthusiasts is not that it has some innovative features or even an exceptional aesthetic design – it’s actually because it hides selected unnecessary files from your “pop” and allows you to use your phone’s memory and internal storage to run your most commonly used apps.

X Launcher Pro modifies the Xposed installation system to hide duplicate files, improving your device’s performance. It also speeds up your device’s boot-up time and offers several other tweaks. If you want the complete look and feel for your X Launcher Pro-based android device, then downloading X Launcher Pro is a must.See More:

X Launcher Pro Mod APK

About X Launcher Pro Mod APK

X launchers are free software designed by a developer named Andy “stoner” Carr. In case you don’t know, X launched on the G in May of 2010 and has been downloaded by millions ever since. You should consider downloading X Launcher Pro if you have an old Android phone or tablet. This free download installs easily and gives your phone a slick new look, just like the ones you see on many other phones.

X Launcher Pro Mod APK

X Launcher Pro is an excellent android tweak software with tons of valuable features and capabilities. It has fantastic and powerful features, which you can use if you install it on your phone or tablet. You will be surprised by how easy it is to install and use and how many valuable tweaks it has. This review will highlight some of the main features of this tweak that you should look for when purchasing or downloading it to help you decide if it is for you.

Features of X Launcher Premium Mod APK

If you are looking for a straightforward and easy-to-use paid mod for the Samsung Wave, you should look into X launcher Pro. This is one of Wave’s most popular paid software programs and has many unique features.

Some unique features include a feature that allows users to turn their phones off while surfing the internet and an option to control the phone’s screen from the web browser. Here are the features of X launcher pro:

Real-Time Experience

X launcher is a new and innovative game app that enhances your real-time internet gaming experience on anAndroid phone or tablet by providing high-quality 3D animated video games.

This innovative application brings you an entirely new way of playing your favorite

video games by combining the best elements of unique graphics and realistic sound with highly advanced game mechanics and intuitive controls. Whether you like action-packed shooting, amazing pictures, or gripping adventure, X launcher has it all.

X Launcher Pro Mod APK

Complete Customization

X Launcher Pro Complete Customization packs a lot into one little program. It’s straightforward to install and even easier to personalize your computer. The software will completely change how you use your PC and icons so that everything is precisely how you want it. From your desktop background to your taskbar, everything is completely customizable.

X Launcher Pro Mod APK

Hide Unwanted Apps

X Launcher Pro is a unique and highly effective application that hides all your unwanted software from you. It does this by having separate profiles for each application, which you can quickly locate and remove using the handy Search & Delete buttons on the main menu. This means you can continue using the programs you want without them popping up whenever you want. The only way X Launcher will change its behaviour is when you update the program – after this, any traces of the hidden apps will be gone forever.

X Launcher Pro Mod APK

No Ads

X launchers are one of the market’s best paid and free apps. X launcher Pro is a powerful adware and spyware removal program, which not only has excellent speed and a “light” interface but also includes a multitude of other valuable features such as a Banners gallery, Email client, Network Monitor tool, and a complete Internet Security Suite. If you want to try out this innovative software, you can download it free from the website link below.

OS12 Style Control Centre

X Launchers, the new generation of Web browsers, has been in constant flux. Sometimes they evolve into something entirely different, and sometimes they stay the same. One aspect that the software maker cannot be without is their user interface control centre. This same feature has been a constant contention between developers for the past several months. It remains a bone of contention among many of the software giant’s faithful software users. It seems like Apple simply never stops making changes to their OS, and it seems like every six weeks, or so, they come up with another way to take your mind off what they’ve already done. This is the case with the new X Launcher Pro, developed by none other than the founder of the open-source project, Jony Wurkin.

X Launcher Pro Mod APK

Various Themes

X Launcher Pro is a professional graphical interface for launching various third-party applications. It does not come with themes but provides many different pieces that can be added. The interface is extremely smooth and intuitive and gives the user a good starting point for learning how to use the control panel and other features. It does not have any icons set up and includes many attractive features and functions that are a joy to use.

Latest Wallpapers And Icon Sets

X Launcher Pro is the new icon pack manager for Windows Vista. It will allow you to download the latest wallpapers and icon sets for your desktop, notebook, smartphone, netbook, and other touch screen devices from the internet. With X Launcher, you can have the latest and most excellent wallpapers and icon sets on your desktop or laptop. It is straightforward and a fantastic way to give yourself the latest fresh look for your computing needs.

Powerful Application Manager

X Launcher Pro is a powerful application manager for Windows Vista, and it can help you get your system running smoothly. This is a popular tool for all versions of Windows and has continued to gain popularity because it’s simple to use and doesn’t require a third-party software program. It offers the standard features of similar programs but allows you to customize it for maximum performance. Here we look at some of the things this powerful application manager can do for your Vista PC…

Apple-style Folder

X Launcher Pro is an application designed for the Apple iPod Touch, which features a unique and valuable feature: the ability to launch all your commonly used folders on screen at once. You can choose to throw all your music, contacts, emails, and calendar folders, or you can choose to launch one at a time.

This allows you to do things like go to your address book and see who you’ve recently contacted, go to your address book and see who has emailed you, launch the weather on your phone at the click of a button, and manage your tasks with the tap of a button and so much more.

If you use the default interface for your iPod Touch (or if you want to change it), then you won’t find much of a difference in the appearance of X Launcher, but if you’re going to spice up your phone’s look, you should try out the Pro version. You will be impressed.

Great 3D Effects

X Launcher Pro is a unique tool that enables the user to create some of the most professional-looking and animated icons on the desktop using simple drag-and-drop techniques. I use this program every day and find it extremely easy to use.

This is an application you can get free from the Internet, but there are a few pros and cons. The pros of this application include; high-quality design templates that are pre-designed by the developer,

this means that you can use them if you wish, the fact that all the settings are neatly described so that you know how to use them, and finally the fact that you can customize many of the aspects of the theme so that you have complete control over the way your icon looks and functions.

Cons of X Launcher Pro include; limited options. You cannot change the size of the icons. If you need to change the size of a hero, then you will need to go into the preferences of the icon or theme you are using and change the size accordingly.

Weather And Weather Widget

X Launcher Pro is a small but powerful internet application that installs easily and allows you to control your desktop environment from anywhere. This widget uses the power of the internet to combine multiple small devices into one big widget that can change your desktop background, display your email client, or any other applications you might be using on your desktop.

The widget has a small form you can drag around on your desktop to make it look nice. It displays a random image or graphic and allows you to change its size with a simple mouse click. The best part about this application is that hundreds of different widgets can always be added to your device to have the latest information on the weather.

Hide Applications

X Launcher Pro-Hide Applications hides system tray icons. It uses a registry cleaning technique to force the operating system to erase all unused files. This will also prevent programs from being able to see the system tray icon as it is not going to be displayed.

Most people will want to use this application because they do not like to have large icons on the screen, especially when the icons are not needed. X Launcher can be downloaded from the official website for more information.

Unread Application Notification

X Launcher Pro has many features to help you make the most of your android phone. One of these features is its ability to enable the “unread” application notification for all items that you have not accessed in some time.

Although this feature works very well, many people have found that it causes several problems. This is because when an application is “unread”, it does not appear in the” Notification Center”. Fortunately, after a series of tweaks, you can enable the application notification disabled and still get the functionality you want from this helpful program.

How to download and install X Launcher Pro Mod APK?

X launcher is a popular program you can download and install on your PC. The only problem with X standalone is that it doesn’t come with an application. You must download and install X Stand Alone using third-party tools to get the software working on your PC.

To do this, you need to follow the steps outlined in this tutorial which will show you how to download and install X standalone on your PC.

Step 1: Click on the link below, which will go to the download page.

Step 2: Download X Launcher Pro Mod APK for Android.

Step 3: After Downloading, Allowing the 3rd party App Permissions on your mobile will help you play the game.

Step 4: Install the download file and install it on mobile.

Step 5: Start the game with a good internet connection.

Note: – You can follow the same instruction for the iOS Device

How to use X Launcher Pro Mod APK?

X launchers are very easy to use as they enable you to install various programs. Unlike other free download managers, this software offers more than just downloading and installing. And it provides a massive range of features that make life easier. Most people think this is just a paid version, but X Launcher Pro is a free download.

Reviews of X Launcher Pro Mod APK

It has been several months since the introduction of X Launcher Pro, and now many people have downloaded this trendy software and are wondering how effective it is in improving their computers.

Most people are thrilled with the way X launchers have improved their performance, which is why it continues to be one of the most requested applications by users from all over the world. In this article,

we will look at the advantages of downloading X launcher pro and the different ways it has helped people. Here is the first review of the x launchers pro.

People also ask (FAQs)

Is the X launcher pro application paid or free to download?

The first question for you in this review is, “Is the X Launching Pro application, which costs $0.99 to download, paid, or free to use?” After looking around for more information on the product, I noticed that the developer decided to charge for use.

So after I finished the review and was ready to purchase the program, I contacted the developer via email and asked him a few questions, which he did not address.

At this point, I judge that the developer is either trying to make a profit with the product or he is trying to separate himself from the unethical business practices of other similar downloaders and distributors of free software applications.

How can I pro features of the X launcher pro app for free?

The question “How can I pro features of the X launcher pro app for free?” is one of the most frequent questions when one is looking to download the App.

The short answer to this question is that you will not be able to have this application if you do not have a Google account. Even then, the App cannot be downloaded if you do not have a Gmail account.

What are the requirements for the X launcher pro app?

X Launchers are a group of downloadable applications designed by professional and enthusiast computer users for personal use on Apple iOS devices. The name X stands for “zees”, and the pro app is a remake of the popular iPhone app Maps.

While the two programs share some features, such as turn-by-turn navigation and route planning, the real difference lies in the amount of control the pro version allows you over your device.


Conclusion of X Launcher Pro is an excellent spyware removal program which hackers developed to spy on a user’s Internet activity.

The program installs many rogue icons on the desktop that continually appear every time you start the program. Many hidden malicious cookies are installed on your PC without your consent.

This kind of spyware infection can be removed by using legitimate removal programs on the Internet. Still, X Launcher Pro is one of the easiest to remove, and there are several steps you can take to ensure that it will remove all parts of the infection from your PC.

You should not download this program if you want to remove this infection as it is fake. We’ve included a link below to a tool that eliminates X Launcher Pro in the complete way possible – make sure you download it.

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