Stick War: Legacy MOD APK v2022.1.46 (Unlimited Money)

Stick War: Legacy MOD APK v2022.1.46 (Unlimited Money)

Max Games Studios
Name Stick War: Legacy
Publisher Max Games Studios
Version 2022.1.46
Size 104M
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Updated November 26, 2022
MOD Features Unlimited Money

Stick War: Legacy MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a game where gamers will have a country to develop and defend from approaching enemies. You will pick the method to establish the kingdom, gain many resources and assault the enemy. At the same time, the diversity in army sorts additionally creates particular diversity in options. So you will need to pass by many different matches and accumulate a certain amount of resources.

About Stick War: Legacy

Maybe you have regarded many famous war stickman video games before? I can tell you without difficulty inform examples such as Stickman Legends, Stickman Revenge, or Stick Fight. Most of them were very warm before and received excessive reviews. Today, I introduce to you a new approach game about stickman, that’s Stick War: Legacy of the writer Max Games Studios. If you don’t know, this is a very famous web game.

Unlock Awesome Skins For Your Army

If you are bored with the look of your troops in Stick War: Legacy, you will not be in a position to ignore unlocking a skin for them. Specifically, you can open the Undead skin, and you will see a substantive change in the look of the soldiers. They will show up earlier than your eyes, fully impressed and equipped to join the battle. At the same time, with the newly brought skins, you will have the feeling that your navy turns more combative and enhanced than before. Besides unlocking new skins, you also can’t ignore some changes in the Endless Deads mode of this game. This mode now has three exceptional game modes to choose the subject that is proper for you conveniently. At the same time, the gameplay of this mode is completely comprehensible as you will manage your army to combat the legions of zombies constantly shifting toward you. Their range is pretty overwhelming, so you will want to put together enough electricity and guide items.

Build Your Country And Attack The Enemy

Players will get hold of an area full of sources to mine and an integral statue to guard in Stick War: Legacy MOD APK. The first job you want to do is to manage a gold digger and cross them to the location of gold resources. At the same time, you will control his actions from moving to mining ore. When mining has reached enough level, the miner will swap to automated mining, and you will begin to control your army. On the right side of the screen, there are orders to withdraw troops and shield orders to manipulate the character concurrently due to the fact the variety of characters will later extend and respond to the state of affairs if the enemy attacks. At the same time, you will additionally want to prepare a certain range of troops to assault the enemy on the opposite side. Enemy zones are comparable to yours, and if you spoil their statue, you’ll win and unlock outstanding rewards.

Unlock Different Armies And Increase Their Strength

In Stick War: Legacy MOD APK, players will try to enlarge their power by unlocking many different types of troops. They can be close-range soldiers, archers, and even giants with impressive force. At the same time, they all have a price, and you will need to spend time getting ready assets to build an army. From there, you will be in a position to find many approaches to extend the effectiveness of gold mining and the electricity of your army. There are two methods that you can take advantage of them: items and enhancements for the army. In the improve section, you will see the troops and factors on hand in your area. So you will be in a position to extend the strength of your army, improve the amount of gold generated, and many different factors for you to choose and prioritize. In addition, you can buy some objects to buff your troops, such as growing manufacturing velocity or speeding up healing to defeat enemies, and they will have a restriction in use.

Defend The Kingdom

In Stick War: Legacy, you will be a reigning king of a kingdom through purpose and peace. Weapons, violence, and war are no longer your styles. However, neighboring international locations have cutting-edge weapons enterprises and constantly favor invading your kingdom. As a strategy game, as an alternative to controlling a character, you command a mighty military with a lot of warrior soldiers. Control and build your very own method crew along with Soldiers, Swordsmen, wizards, or Giants. When appropriately organized and outfitted with weapons, they will deliver sturdy war power. In addition, you can practice for your navy with magic charms.

Gold And Gems

Each important state in Stick War: Legacy is not only strong longer in the army but, above all, also wants robust economic potential. Like the real world, the army powers of the world have magnificent economic assets or massive investments in the military. This recreation is no exception. You need a lot of gold to construct a powerful army. Please exploit resources on the territory. There is massive pressure on workers and miners willing to work day and night to extract gold from mineral deposits. Pay attention to upgrading miners to totally make the most sources and optimize the quantity of gold you can take advantage of each and every day. Besides the supply of gold, an extraordinarily precious economic unit in Stick War: Legacy is a gem. It helps you to improve fight gadgets by strengthening the stickman warriors. It additionally helps miners to operate twice as fast in a given time. In particular, gemstones are used to buy spells and items in Store.

An Exciting Approach Game

The battles of Stick War: Legacy is highly tactical. All kingdoms have current and different combat technology. If you win them, you can reap precious spoils and a phase of the territory. The wars are merciless but will carry fantastic benefits to the winners. Remember: “The winner is the strongest.” If you have a life-like approach and a squad of warriors who are now not fearful, you can defeat anyone. For example, the stability between melee troopers in the front (Swordsmen, Soldiers) and long-range forces such as Archers and wizards. Giants can assault aggressively and additionally protect the turret very well. Through every battle, we see the measurement of the leader is immensely remarkable both in command of the warfare and the navy strategy.


Stick War: Legacy has a lot of interesting modes for you. Fighting in the world of Inamorta is extraordinarily charming; however, it is just a basic mode. You can play a number of modes like Survival or Tournament. With survival mode, your stickman military should live on in the world of zombies. If you prefer to be more competitive, Tournament mode is the place you clash with other players around the world.

Download Stick War: Legacy Apk Mod For Android

The features are very attractive to players. It attracts gamers from fierce battles to excellent fascinating 2D graphics. The form of characters is extremely numerous and funny. Along with that are the vivid expressions of the stickman soldiers.

More specifically, I really like Stick War: Legacy. Simply because I love peace. However, I’m now not easily bullied. The excellent defense is to attack. Bring fear to all enemies and prove who is the proper king of the kingdom.